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Definition: The rappel is described as the activity of descending a natural or artificial wall tied with a full body static or dynamic rope.

The tour begins with our van picking up our clients in the main hotels of the Great Metropolitan Area (GMA).

We head towards the town of Tacares, Grecia, 1 hour from San Jose, where the Recreational Reserve Los Chorros is located.

Here, our guides welcome the passengers who will have enough time to prepare and relax before the tour.

Then, the guide will provide all the information necessary for a safe and enjoyable tour.

Our customers are guided to the 60 meters height waterfall. Once there, the guide put them the harnesses, “eight knots”, carabiners, ropes and gives them safety instructions; our trained staff will secure, prepare and get participants ready for the descent.

Depending on how many people perform the activity, two to three guides will be present during the descent: one at the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end of the waterfall.

Each customer will be anchored to a lifeline as security throughout the descent.

After going down, the guides will remove the equipment and will lead the customers to finish the rest of the tour inside the recreational park, where they can enjoy nature in its splendor surrounded by natural pools to dive in and spend some relaxing time. A fruit and water snack will be offered.

When we go back, we will taste a delicious buffet lunch at the Señor & Señora ESE Restaurant.

Minimum operation of this tour: 5 people.

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